Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Handing Off a Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

Random Acts of Kindness For People You Know

  1. Bring someone a small gift.
  2. Cook someone a meal.
  3. Do someone’s laundry.
  4. Make someone a playlist.
  5. Give someone a book you think they’d like.
  6. Give someone a hug.
  7. Send someone a handwritten letter or postcard.
  8. Write a list of things you love about someone.
  9. Wash someone’s car.
  10. Go out of the way to offer someone a ride.
  11. Mow someone’s lawn after mowing your own.
  12. Send someone a care package.
  13. Take someone to the movies.
  14. Take someone on a spontaneous adventure.
  15. Throw someone a surprise party.
  16. Bring doughnuts or desserts to work.
  17. Leave a positive sticky note on someone’s desk.
  18. Take someone out to lunch.
  19. Bake someone treats.
  20. Help someone perform their errands.
  21. Babysit, dogsit, or catsit for free.
  22. Lend out your umbrella when it’s pouring outside.
  23. Make two lunches for work and give one away.
  24. Take someone to a mani, pedi, or massage.
  25. Teach someone a recipe.
  26. Do someone’s grocery shopping for them.

Random Acts of Kindness For Strangers

  1. Leave quarters at the laundromat.
  2. Pay the toll for the person behind you.
  3. Give someone a compliment.
  4. Leave a larger than normal tip.
  5. Leave money in a vending machine for someone.
  6. Buy someone behind you in line their morning coffee.
  7. Pay for someone’s groceries behind you.
  8. Give up a good parking spot.
  9. Send a box of breakfast treats to a construction site.
  10. Hold the elevator or door open.
  11. Let someone go in front of you in line.
  12. Leave letters of encouragement on people’s cars.
  13. Send dessert to another table.
  14. Give up your seat on the bus or subway.
  15. Give up your window or aisle seat for someone who has a middle seat.
  16. Bring your flight attendant some chocolates.
  17. Help someone struggling with heavy bags.
  18. Give someone a flower or bouquet.
  19. Help someone take a photo.
  20. Take time to give someone who looks lost directions.
  21. Stop and help someone with a flat tire.
  22. Carry a $5 gift card with you and give it someone randomly.
  23. Help someone load their luggage into the overhead bin.
  24. Give someone else the cab that you hailed.
  25. Let someone else get seated before you at a busy restaurant.
  26. Share your table with someone at a busy food court.

Random Acts of Kindness For the Environment

  1. Pick up litter.
  2. Plant a tree.
  3. Recycle your clothes.
  4. Donate to a charity.
  5. Help a friend by carpooling.
  6. Donate old goods.
  7. Once you have finished reading a newspaper or magazine during your commute, offer it to bystanders.

The world is full of kind people. If you can’t find out, be one.